In-Class Writing: 9/6

After going on the soundwalk with the class, I will definitely try to go out to record alone so that I can easily hear everything that is going around me without conversations getting in the way. When I went out to record sounds before, I brought a friend with me because I felt a bit awkward pausing to record sounds. I think that while it helped me to be comfortable my first go-around, it is quite distracting. I think I will be able to listen to the environment more effectively if I am alone while actively trying to record for this assignment.

I think that one really interesting point that was brought up during the discussion right after the soundwalk is that by walking around campus, we can often see what the school’s priorities are visually. Perhaps those things would be good jumping off points for what to listen to and record. I want to be able to find what is unique and meaningful about Champaign-Urbana and record those sounds. My main motivation going forward is finding moments, places, and experiences that are important to students at U of I and record sounds that may be able to capture these things. Then, I can hopefully learn something new about my campus and uncover what it really means to be in Champaign-Urbana.


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