Brief Digital Soundmap Reflection

This project has made me more sensitive to the sonic environments in Champaign-Urbana by forcing me to take my headphones out while I’m walking to class or the library and just listen to what’s around me. I would hear the tone of people’s voices as they walked by me. I would notice if the streets were particularly busy or particularly vacant at certain times. I even noticed that people keep more to themselves and aren’t talking to other people when it is raining outside.

Several times throughout the assignment I wished I could include videos with some of the recordings. I wished I could share the smells of food as I walked by a busy restaurant or the smell that Espresso Royale greets me so kindly with in the mornings. I wish I could share things like the feeling of dried leaves beneath my feet as I walked. I wish I could have shared the warm breeze cooling me off on a hot day or the feeling of slightly damp feet while it was raining lightly. These are things that I noticed more astutely because of this assignment. I was more aware of what was going on around me; picking up on all of these things in each moment has helped me feel more connected to the memory of each experience.


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