In-Class Reflective Writing 9/20

What have you learned about sound that you didn’t realize or know before from this unit?

I didn’t realize that sound was so lush on its own. You hear the sounds outside and the sounds inside every day, but you don’t think much about them. You still mostly rely on your vision to walk in a straight line and get to the right places. Before evaluating and assessing sound so intently, I hadn’t realized that sound says so much about where you are, the people you are with, what it’s like outside, etc. If you let it, sound can bring you to places that most people think only video can.

What are the affordances of sound as a mode? That is to say what can it do that other modes can’t?

By recording sounds instead of videos, playing what you’ve recorded back is a focused experience. I mean that you are able to hear so many different things in the sounds of the recording after listening to it several times. If you were reviewing video in the same way, you would probably focus on what is being shown instead of the sounds that make up the experience. When evaluating sounds on their own, they sound more rich because you can be focused about what you hear because there is no video, gestures, people walking in the way, etc. that you may see when evaluating video and sound.

What do you wish we spent more time on – or wish that we covered – with regard to sound?

I wish we had talked more about music and specifically how songs are created with multiple overlays of voices and sounds. It’s something I’ve never had the experience of learning about and I think it would be really interesting.


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