Video Documentary Topic Ideas

At first thought of creating a video documentary, I am interested in pursuing the idea of the added sugar in nearly all foods on the market. There is already a documentary about this topic, which is called Fed Up. I have not seen it myself, but I have heard a lot about it. My friends say that it is really powerful and makes you reconsider what you’re putting into your body. Honestly, I am a little scared to learn more about this topic, because I know I’ll want to totally rethink my current diet. I am struggling to pinpoint the specific audience for this documentary since there are a lot of people that could really stand to learn more about their diet and health. Considering, however, that the future is in the hands of young people, I think it would be really beneficial to target young adults – those who are really just starting to make decisions for themselves – who are not currently conscious of their diets.

Another area I would be interested in researching for this documentary is consumer opinion of advertisements. A more specific goal in mind would probably be easier to tackle in this four-to-five minute project, but I haven’t come up with that yet. There is a lot of information floating around about the distrust of advertisers and as someone who will soon be working in the advertising industry, I am always interested in learning more about how to maximize my impact. The audience for this documentary would definitely be young professionals in advertising, marketing, and business in general. I think a lot of insight would come from those that have worked in the industry for a while and know how to create genuine brand imagery, but they may be able to learn something from a documentary like this, too.

The last idea that I have been able to picture becoming a full video documentary for this project focuses on the modern view of relationships. In one of my other classes, we have talked a lot about the greater unpredictability of relationships that exists today. People are getting married later, choosing not to marry, raising children as single parents, and divorcing more. It’s hard for me to log onto Facebook without coming across an article that talks about women’s view on relationships or how modern dating is flawed. I know that people have strong opinions about this topic and I would be curious to see what data reveals about possible explanations for this shift. The audience for this documentary would probably be young women, about ages 16-24. I’ve noticed that women are more invested in the subject, while men seem to brush this off as no big deal (even if they are the “relationship type”). I think the target would lean toward the upper teens through late twenties because they are more likely to be single and/or thinking about their relationship future. However, the actual people that would be interested in watching something like this may stretch beyond the higher end of the women 16-24 range that I have estimated for now.


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