In-Class Writing 10/4

Why do you think this piece was assigned for reading?

I think this piece was chosen to bring these important aspects of film making to our attention. Even though we may not use a lot of this stuff in our own projects, this chunk of the class is still about learning how to write with video. So it isn’t a big deal if we can’t put all these things into practice. Also, this piece was also pretty easy to follow. There were lots of visual examples and would be more likely to keep readers engaged.

In what ways has this reading been useful/will be useful to you for your video documentary project?

I think that the concepts from this reading will be useful when filming interviews most specifically. The shot size really matters here, but would be harder for students with no video experience to know how to do. I thought it was really interesting to see how videos typically match angles and follow the 180-degree rule, but it really will not come into play for this documentary project.

More conceptually, do you buy the film-as-language concept? Why or why not?

I do buy the film-as-language concept in the way that Wohl talks about it. If you tried to film and edit a video, but didn’t understand a lot of the know-hows around what this article says, you may not be able to effectively tell your story. The thing about this film-as-language concept is that you can watch a film and think you could make something like it yourself, but you really have no video editing knowledge. When you tried to actually put your video shooting and editing skills to the test, you may focus on something in someone’s pocket like you have seen in films before, but the audience was not curious about that so your story gets derailed. Similarly, you may zoom too far in on a character’s face when it is unnecessary and the reasoning behind it gets confusing for viewers.


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