In-Class Writing 10/18

What have you learned about consuming and producing video that you didn’t realize or know before this unit?

I didn’t realize how hard it was to get good footage. I figured that there would be a lot of unusable footage from interviews as people ramble on and don’t provide solid enough answers to questions that are asked. However, I didn’t realize that it would take a few hours just to get enough b-roll footage for a few minute long documentary like the one I made in this class. I now notice how b-roll helps enhance the argument and story told in video instead of just thinking it was better than looking at whoever was talking.

What are the affordances of video as a mode? That is to say, what can it do that sound and other modes can’t?

I noticed that video provides a lot of context. That sounds like a really obvious thing to point out, but compared with the sound project I did earlier in the semester, video is pretty self explanatory. This was especially noticeable when showing our work in class. For the sound project, the recorder had to provide some background information for most sounds or people were unsure of what some sounds were. For video, the questions that arose were deeper, which is likely because people already knew just what was happening and they didn’t have to ask surface-level questions.

Tell me about how video works alongside other modes in order to create meaning?

Video provides the context, but it really doesn’t tell much without sound. For example, a huge part of this project was interviews. Without the sound accompanying the video, these interviews would have been completely lost or almost completely impossible to follow with subtitles alone. The sound revealed what people said and how they really felt about a topic, based on their tone of voice. The video was revealing and added a new dimension that was necessary for a documentary project: context.

How of you plan on using video moving forward?

In the future, I will think about the message that a video reveals. Even if it’s just a video that I take of a friend, I will still ask what this video says and means.


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