Virtual Reality Future

I think that we must proceed cautiously with virtual reality technologies. I think that the immersive aspects of VR are really interesting and fun to play around with, but I don’t think there would be many positive outcomes for extensive in-home VR for entertainment purposes.

Where I see VR really doing good work is in occupational fields. There are so many amazing uses for VR technologies for therapy, training, and work-related purposes. I would love to see VR being used to expose people to fears and phobias in order to help them. It would be awesome to be able to train firefighters, miners, pilots, and many, many others for tough situations without real exposure to danger.

However, I do think that VR for entertainment is going to happen. I am a bit worried about how people will respond to these technologies. These VR games may have more intense negative effects than regular video games because of their immersive nature and could put people in more danger, as was seen in the AR game Pokemon GO. Still, whatever people can capitalize on will go through.


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